Free Eggie or Catch Jokowi

By: Muslim Arbi, Director Move Change (Fork)

Kabartoday, Jakarta – Free Eggie Sudjana or arrest Jokowi (Joko Widodo). In terms of Subjects and Legal Objects. So the position of Eggie Sudjana and Jokowi is the same.

Why is it because between legal principles the same before the law (equal and equal in the eyes of the law). Every citizen is equal in the eyes of the law (Article 27 paragraph 1 of the 1945 Constitution),

Second, in terms of legal objectivity; then the application of the law must be fair and without seeing feathers. Justice must cover all citizens under the laws and laws of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia. Fair law enforcement should apply to all citizens.

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Regarding the general consideration of the problem of the People of Power called by Eggie Sudjana and Jokowi having different interests and backgrounds. Eggie calls for People’s Power to be linked to electoral fraud aimed at the KPU (Commission of General Election) and Bawaslu (Supervisory Body). While when Jokowi made a book entitled “Jokowi, People Power” and formed the People Power task force when the 2014 Presidential Election contained pressure and influence for the TNI-Polri (National Army and Police) to be neutral.

On the appeal of People Power carried out by Eggie Sudjana, the message was that the election could be carried out honestly and fairly and without cheating. While the People Power Book and the formation of the People Power Task Force carried out by Jokowi are even seen in the photos in the social media; Jokowi wears a headband that reads “People Power Task Force”.

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In terms of the issue of Power People between Eggie Sudjana and Jokowi have different roles and positions. Eggie explained the call for a message of justice and honesty regarding the handling of elections against the KPU (Commission of General Election) and even the Election Supervisory Body. While Jokowi in this matter can be considered as political pressure for the sake of power.

Being a question is the question about the police of the Republic of Indonesia applying different things to Eggie Sudjana and Jokowi? Isn’t the police action as a law enforcer like this; can be considered to hurt the sense of justice in the community right?

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Eggie Sudjana is resistant to resistance treason? Even though Jokowi isn’t? If the police are state and law enforcement agents who are fair and professional, what should be done with Eggie Sudjana is also applied to Jokowi. The police must also campaign for Jokowi.

If the police cannot take action against Jokowi. So the police also could not take the same action against Eggie Sudjana. The police immediately lift Eggie Sudjana save as possible.(Ardi)