President of the World. Mr Djuyoto Suntani Asks the National Police Not to Respond to Indonesian Leaders

Kabartoday, Jakarta – President of the World Peace Committee or better known as The World Peace Committee (WPC). Mr. Djuyoto Suntani reminded the Government of the Republic of Indonesia, especially the institution of the National Police. Regarding the chaos of the domestic Politics after the Presidential Election, which has claimed the lives of approximately 500 KPPS members and thousands who are still in medical care.

This led to the rejection of the results of the election by the mass demonstration on May 21-22 2019. allegedly suspected of being fraudulent, structured, systematic massive dam which has claimed casualties consisting of children and adults to the arrest of figures and civil society.

“God created the universe with two different poles. There is Day with night, there is darkness and light, positive and negative, and so on.” That is the essence of the life of the universe.

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According to him. The leaders who are opposed to the Government must indeed exist, that’s where there is a dialectical process, this is needed by a country as a controller and balancer in democracy.

The state must guarantee order and security for its people for the survival of a country, but it must not damage the order and system of a democratic country. which is currently developing in Indonesia.

They may not be arrested and detained because of political differences, and they are not criminal criminals. More is very worrying. many people who were arrested by the police were even imprisoned because of their critical attitude towards the government through the ITE law.

This will be a bad record in history. and the creation of Indonesian democracy that is already good and has received World appreciation. that Indonesia is the largest democratic country and has received the 3rd best ranking from countries in the world. asserted the World Leader who had donated the Golden Pancasila Jug at this National Police Headquarters.

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He continued. he urged the Parties to hold all the office holders and “Stop arrest and detain Indonesian leaders who were opposed to political views with the Government.

“They are all our brothers, our families, Indonesia’s national assets,” stressed the Indonesian-born World Leader who created World Peace Gong in all corners of the World.

He also reminded “In 2003 when the Indonesian National Police were attacked by all elements of society throughout Indonesia, I was the one who defended and saved the National Police Institution,” said the World Leader who created the World Ethics.

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Once again I request at this time also the National Police to stop the arrest and detention of National Leaders who are in opposition to politics.

“They are the assets of the Indonesian nation,” stressed the World Leader who gave the Independence of Gibraltar and Kosovo in Europe, which established Jerusalem as the Capital of World Peace, which stopped the Rebels in Colombia, Reconciled North Korea with South Korea, etc.

The most influential and most respected figure on Planet Earth who served as President of the World Peace Committee 202 Countries. Mr Djuyoto Suntani who was born in Jepara Indonesia Asked the Indonesian National Police (Polri) to stop arresting Indonesian leaders who were at odds with the Government.(Oz/Op/red)