The Anies Baswedan Dismissal Petition Argument

By: Muslim Arbi, Director of Movement for Change.

Kabartoday, Jakarta – The argument used by the heartbroken group to carry out various efforts to oust Anies Baswedan from the DKI Governor’s Chair is very complicated.

A sensible public who reads a petition with this fussy argument must have laughed out loud. Moso because the flagpoles use small bamboo etc. The governor is blamed and asks to be removed. Sane little too.

Did you forget when the winner ran the 100 m sprint at the world level which was won by M Zohri, from Indonesia and the flag of the loan and in the reverse tide; Are you not criticizing the Minister of Youth and Sports and the President and Minister of Foreign Affairs? Why at that time did not make a petition. Remove Jokowi, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Menpora because they are incapable of taking care of athletes who carry fragrant Indonesian names in the World?

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Lah about the small bamboo flagpole and as the reason for the petition to take off the Governor of Jakarta?

Agree with the attitude of Anies as the Governor who responded casually to the petitioners who insisted that he was too far. Fortunately, Anies was patient and smart in facing criticism via the petition.

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Compared with others who responded to the criticism about the Cheat Election and People Power Problem then played catch and prison against those who were considered critical.

After all, don’t think. Anies was elected with millions of votes. Do you want to force it to fire with a thousand thousand sounds? Yes if the school is learning mathematics right to. Hehehe

It must be the one who made this petition just getting out of bed and not yet having a healthy awareness. So that any exact reason is used. Hehehe


It is better if the petitioners want to go home and pay for the train costs, especially the more crazy airplanes, register themselves for free homecoming by the Jakarta Provincial Government so that they can arrive in homeland with relatives without any fees.

At the end of the day, apologize for the soul is said to all. Hopefully, going home via the Free Bus of Jakarta Provincial Government can be spread out in their respective villages.(Op/red)

Minal Aidin wal Faidin.

Taqoballah minna wa minkum taqabbal ya kariim.

Congrltz Iedil Fitri 1440 H